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Agropiese TGR offers newest product - the hinged disc harrow Pallada

Agropiese TGR offers newest product - the hinged disc harrow Pallada

Agropiese TGR offers its customers a disk harrow hinged latest development PALLADA 2400 and PALLADA 3200 production of the Ukrainian company Chervona Zirka.

Mounted Disc Harrow PALLADA 2400 and 3200 are designed for seedbed preparation for planting grain, fodder and industrial crops, crop residue chopping and extermination of weeds, as well as grinding, leveling and soil pressing after harrowing.

Ukrainian manufacturer began production of harrows series PALLADA enlarged diameter discs - 660 mm instead of the previous 560 mm, which can significantly increase the depth of tillage and the operating speed of the machine.

To improve performance in the design of the machine has the following changes: - Lanyard adjustment angle of attack of the front row of blades moved in front of the car (to prevent clogging of the soil between the bar and the frame adjustment); - Changed the mechanism of adjustment of operating depth (to avoid jamming lanyards adjustment); - Change the number of working bodies PALLADA 2400-01 with 18 pcs. 14 pcs. (To eliminate the clogging of the soil between the discs in a row); - Change the number of working bodies PALLADA 3200-01 with 24 pcs. 20 pcs. (To eliminate the clogging of the soil between the disks in the row). C III quarter of 2014 to stand all models PALLADA harrows and ANTARES set individual nipples to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt into the sleeve mounting, which eliminates the possibility of jamming during long operation and easy setup.

Each disc harrow mounted PALLADA mounted on individual pole that eliminates the plant residues on the winding axis of the disc and clogging the spaces between the discs, as well as providing high maintainability of the unit.

Special equipment Agropiese TGR

Special equipment Agropiese TGR

Weather pleases Moldova with heavy snow and strong frosts. On the other hand, it adds the work to municipal engineering. Utility vehicles daily have to clear snow from roads and sidewalks. In those cases, when the park has old technics and is few, the situation is quite serious. As a result, snow drifts and congestion. Utility machinery MTZ In Moldova is in greatest demand. Special machinery MTZ is appreciated for its reliability and excellent performance. This technique is not afraid of frost or heat. In winter special equipment MTZ clears the streets from snow, and in summer from debris and dirt. The Company Agropiese TGR is leading…

Accumulators ISTA in Agropiese TGR

Accumulators ISTA in Agropiese TGR

Agropiese TGR is dealer of corporation «ISTA» in Moldova. National Accumulator Corporation «ISTA» is one of the largest European manufacturers of starter accumulators. Corporation «ISTA» was also the first in Ukraine, who established a full release cycle batteries: from raw materials to supply the end user. At each stage there is a strict control of product quality. And the production itself is equipped with the most modern equipment.  ISTA batteries are reliable and of high quality. ISTA produces batteries for passenger and commercial vehicles. For passenger equipment standard and premium batteries  are available. In the production a battery are used classical low-antimony…

Tires Rosava in Agropiese TGR

Tires Rosava in Agropiese TGR

Tires ROSAVA are very popular in the CIS and Europe. Agropiese TGR company is the official representative of Corporation "Rosava" in Moldova. Technical Center Master-Lux, where you can buy tires Rosava, is located on Muncesti 271/7. In the last 2013 another Technical Center was opened on Petrikan 5/1. Do not forget our hotline 22 63-63-62. Tyre Plant "Rosava" is situated in Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine. The factory works since 1972. ROSAVA is the leader in tire production in Ukraine and one of the major suppliers to the European and world market - more than 60 countries today. «ROSAVA» and «VALSA» are the most popular…



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