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New agricultural arrivals

New agricultural arrivals

Autumn - is the time to harvest and of agricultural exhibitions. Agropiese TGR Grup announce the arrival of new agricultural machinery. Sweepers, loaders, excavators, bulldozers, all in order to ensure that our streets will be cleaner. Download the list of agricultural machinery clicking on the link: download.

The company Agropiese TGR Grup reminds you of the upcoming exhibition «Moldagrotech 2013", where it will be presented with agricultural machinery MTZ. The exhibition will be held from 23 to 26 October. Everyone is invited to the exhibition and to the stand of the company.


Lift BL-09

Modification to the control cage is possible.

Height service

11.0 m

Lifting capacity at max. boom (cradle)

0.3 t

Slewing angle in the horizontal plane


Tow bar for transporting the trailer 2PTS


Backhoe loader EP-F-P

Loading equipment

Rated bucket capacity

0,5-0,75 m3

Dumping height

2800-З600 mm

Backhoe equipment:

Digging depth

4,1 m

Bucket capacity

0,18-0,25 m3

Optional equipment:

hammer, clamshell bucket, grapple fork


Loader BL-750 (B)

Loader equipment:

Lifting capacity

750-1000 kg.

Main bucket capacity

0,6-0,8 m3

Bucket width

2100 mm

Maximum discharge height

2,8-3,6 m

Optional equipment:

Fork trucks, dozer blade, forks agricultural, brush equipment.


Sweeper BL-2500

Rotary blade

Hydraulic management

Width of blade

2550 mm

The installation angle


Brush control from the tractor PTO

Bandwidth brushing

2000 mm

The installation angle


Rotating speed

0-16 rot/min


Device of water pumps BL-220

Base tractor class


Sump pump



100-110 m

Total head

16 m


Earth borer hinged BL-120

Base tractor class




The diameter of the drill

200-350 mm

Drilling Depth

1200 mm


Loader BL-09-01

Maximum lift height

5,7 m



Lifting capacity at max (min). boom

620 kg (2t)

Maximum boom

5,4 m

Angle of rotation



Backhoe loader EP-F-P with a shifting axis of digging

Digging depth

4,4 m/5,2 m

Dump height excavator

3,77 m

Rated bucket capacity

0,18-0,25 m3

Maximum boom

5,4 m

The lateral displacement of the carriage

590 mm

Attachments loading equipment


1 t

Loading height

3,6 m


Backhoe loader EP-F-B

Digging depth

4,1 m


Height of blade

650 mm

Width of blade

2100 mm

Optional equipment:

hammer, narrow bucket, grab bucket, grab forks


Backhoe loader EP-F-16M

Designed for mechanized handling equipment and earthmoving work in agriculture and can be used in construction work of small volumes. It is operated by one operator.

Additional working bodies:

grapple, an excavator bucket.


Loading equipment on tractor Belarus in 1221


1100 kg

Max. operating altitude

5200 mm

Taking blade, bucket Root, a device for silage fork trucks, grip rolls.


Excavator chain EP-F-C universal

With summer working body

Drive the working body

from the rear PTO

Digging depth

1600 mm

Type of working body

chain scraper

Digging width

210,270,410 mm

With winter working body

Drive the working body

from the rear PTO

Digging depth

1600 mm

Type of working body

bars chain

Digging width

140 mm


Spare parts

Cutters, chain gears, sprockets, screw assemblies.


Hydraulic platform mobile bridge

Vehicle chassis



not less than 300 kg


not less than  5,0 m

Length of platform

not less than 8,0 m

The angle of platform

not less than 110°


Hydraulic and manual backup

Mass attachments

not more than 5000 kg


Mini loader BL-380


14,9 kWt. (20 l.s.) at 3600 tur/min


full 4x4

Bucket capacity

200 kg

Bucket capacity

0,15 m3

The maximum weight to be lifted

375 kg

Full speed

5,5 km/h

Curb weight

940 kg

Work Tools

settling pit, hydraulic, loading equipment


Mounted concrete mixer BL-750

The volume at boot

260 l

Time of stirring the mixture

3 min

Dump height mixture

0,6 m


manual or loader

The drive drum rotation

Hydraulic motor MGP-160 from the tractor hydraulic


Backhoe loader chain quick hitch on the tractor

Backhoe loader chain EP-F-C designed for laying gas and water pipes, sewerage, communications and power used by different categories of soil.

Digging width

100-300 mm

Digging depth

1500 mm


Cutting chain



width 140 mm


width 210 mm


width 210, 270, 410 mm


Flume brush

Brush diameter

900 mm

The installation angle


Ground clearance

300 mm

Drive of the working body


Weight attachment

250 kg


Universal blade for tractor MTZ-3022

The lower part is used as a bulldozer, while turning over 180 degrees, it is used as communal.
A rubber knife is used for snow, a metal knife to the is used for ground.

Height of blade

1400 mm

Height of capture

3100 mm


The complex farming tools P0CA-05

(sprayer + spreader)
Distinguishing features:

Low ground pressure

not more 0,15 kg/cm2

Ability to work in the early stages of crops without damaging the wheels in a rut when working aisles

Earlier initiation of field work

25 days

High operating speed

35 km/h

High performance design

300 ha/cm

Low fuel consumption

15l/100 ha


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Agropiese TGR Seminar on the latest technologies in agriculture

Agropiese TGR Seminar on the latest technologies in agriculture

August 7 the market leader in agricultural machinery company in Moldova Agropiese TGR organized a seminar on the latest technologies in agriculture, energy-saving systems engineering and systems mounted precision agriculture.

Unique offer for oils Chempioil!

Unique offer for oils Chempioil!

Agropiese TGR Grup offers more than 40 kinds of oils capacity from 1 liter to barrels of 208 liters. Offer limited to the remnants of motor oils in stock.

Agropiese TGR invites on Field Day 2015

Agropiese TGR invites on Field Day 2015

August 7, 2015 in the 10-00 Agropiese TGR invites farmers and specialists in agriculture participated in the seminar, which will focus on energy-saving, environmentally friendly and highly efficient technologies tillage.

Agropiese TGR offers newest product - the hinged disc harrow Pallada

Agropiese TGR offers newest product - the hinged disc harrow Pallada

Agropiese TGR offers its customers a disk harrow hinged latest development PALLADA 2400 and PALLADA 3200 production of the Ukrainian company Chervona Zirka.

Universal tractor MTZ 82.1 version Loader

Universal tractor MTZ 82.1 version Loader

MTZ 82.1 - the most popular tractors of the Minsk Tractor Plant. Until now, almost no farm, and no major repair service in Moldova can not do without MTZ 82.1. The main advantage of the tractor - versatility of use at low cost.



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