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Farmers will be able to export the fruit by air

Farmers will be able to export the fruit by air

Good news for the Moldovian farmers! For the first time will be able to export to any country in the world perishable fruits and vegetables.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Vasile Bumacov, said that this will be possible by the purchase of transport aircraft Boing747 CARGO, which will carry out operations under Moldovan flag.

Farmers have long been waiting for the plane to be able for safely and quickly export the products to other countries. Thus, such a gentle culture, as currants, raspberries, peaches, cherries, strawberries, tomatoes can be quickly and without loss be exported abroad.

They did not say how much it will cost to farmers such air transportation, but advised them to prepare a products of 100 tons for each flight.

Agropiese TGR Seminar on the latest technologies in agriculture

August 7 the market leader in agricultural machinery company in Moldova Agropiese TGR organized a seminar on the latest technologies in agriculture, energy-saving systems engineering and systems mounted precision agriculture.

Unique offer for oils Chempioil!

Agropiese TGR Grup offers more than 40 kinds of oils capacity from 1 liter to barrels of 208 liters. Offer limited to the remnants of motor oils in stock.

Agropiese TGR invites on Field Day 2015

August 7, 2015 in the 10-00 Agropiese TGR invites farmers and specialists in agriculture participated in the seminar, which will focus on energy-saving, environmentally friendly and highly efficient technologies tillage.

Agropiese TGR offers newest product - the hinged disc harrow Pallada

Agropiese TGR offers its customers a disk harrow hinged latest development PALLADA 2400 and PALLADA 3200 production of the Ukrainian company Chervona Zirka.

Universal tractor MTZ 82.1 version Loader

MTZ 82.1 - the most popular tractors of the Minsk Tractor Plant. Until now, almost no farm, and no major repair service in Moldova can not do without MTZ 82.1. The main advantage of the tractor - versatility of use at low cost.



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