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Field Day Agropiese TGR and MTZ Lider

Field Day Agropiese TGR and MTZ Lider

The event turned the scale, attended by more than 60 guests from various agricultural enterprises of our country. Were invited farmers who prefer to work with agricultural machinery MTZ.

The celebration began at 11:00 and lasted several hours. On the part of the field were tested MTZ with towed vehicles:

  • Tractor BELARUS-3522 worked with a 9-furrow reversible plow, Vector-8 and BDMP-6x4.
  • Tractor BELARUS-1523 worked with circulating 5-furrow plow.
  • Tractor BELARUS-1221 worked with 5-furrow plow Alpler and CNG-6.
  • Tractor BELARUS-2022.3 worked with GD-3.6, PCA-4, SPA-3, CAU-4.4.

Guests "Field Day" was impressed with agricultural machinery MTZ, especially liked the power tractor. Agropiese TGR to thank everyone who took the time to visit this festival. Also thank Trading House MTZ Lider for your cooperation.

We remind you that the last "Field Day" and can be viewed on national television. See Bastina program on channel Teleradio Moldova. Ether takes place on Sunday 19 October.

The Field Day Agropiese TGR and MTZ Lider

Agropiese TGR wishes you a Happy 2015 Year

The company Agropiese TGR wishes you a Happy 2015 Year. In the future year of the "blue goat" we wish you to achieve all, even the most challenging projects, and success in any endeavor.

Tractor Belarus-1221.2 special equipment

The Company Agropiese TGR, the largest supplier of agricultural machinery and spare parts in Moldova, announces about a special promotion: tractor Belarus-1221.2 in a special configuration.

Buy Discounted agricultural machinery

Price reductions of agricultural machinery in Agropiese TGR! The company makes an inventory warehouse and some models of agricultural machinery can now be purchased at a substantial discount. This equipment has not been used and is in perfect condition.

Agropiese TGR was awarded Moldagrotech 2014

Agropiese TGR participated at the exhibition Moldagrotech 2014, held in the exhibition center Moldexpo from 22 to 25 October. This exhibition was one of the largest in the last few years. The company has received two honorary diplomas.

Agropiese TGR invite to Moldagrotech 2014

From 22 to 25 October 2014 at the International Exhibition Centre Moldexpo will be held the 27-th International specialized exhibition of machinery, equipment and technologies for agriculture MOLDAGROTECH (autumn period).



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