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Agropiese TGR recalls the different lease terms offered by the Moldovan farmers program 2KR


Today, the vast majority of agricultural equipment, resulting in a credit of Moldova, issued by a 2KR. Moldovan-Japanese Program concessional lending for development works in Moldova since 2001 and has established itself as one of the most effective tools for the development of the agricultural business. Suffice it to recall that the program offers credit left on 36 months interest-free loan.

Another huge advantage of the program is the lightweight model filing documents to obtain a loan for the purchase of agricultural machinery. "We all know in what situation are the farmers, when turning to the banks for loans - they do not have sufficient collateral. Because program 2KR tried to find alternative financing for farmers - so wherever the deposit is not required "- said Valentine Badrajan, executive director of" Millennium Challenges ", working with 2KR.

 The program 2KR there are no restrictions in lending: using 2KR can purchase any kind of equipment and the production of any country. It 2KR resorted individual farms and companies of all sizes. Today Agropiese TGR - the largest company-importer of agricultural machinery, which offers its clients a full range of machines and plants a large number of manufacturers.

Company Agropiese TGR long and successful cooperation with the program 2KR. Due to the zero rate of lei and facilitate obtaining technology on credit, using 2KR in Agropiese TGR acquired a significant amount of agricultural machinery.

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Agropiese TGR Seminar on the latest technologies in agriculture

Agropiese TGR Seminar on the latest technologies in agriculture

August 7 the market leader in agricultural machinery company in Moldova Agro piese TGR organized a seminar on the latest technologies in agriculture. At the bottom of the field's customers saw a demonstration of agricultural machinery of Belarus, the latest energy saving systems mounted equipment manufacturers Lemken, Alpler, Chirvona Zirka systems and precision agriculture production Leica, Teshnoton and Hexagon. The presentation was held on the Institute of Genetics. The invitation was attended by representatives of about 60 farms in Moldova. At the seminar were tested: Tractor Belarus 2022 with disc harrow Antares 4x4; Tractor Belarus 2022 cultivator Lemken Karat 9500;

Unique offer for oils Chempioil!

Unique offer for oils Chempioil!

Agropiese TGR Grup offers more than 40 kinds of oils capacity from 1 liter to barrels of 208 liters. Description Standard price New price CH Ultra XTT 5w40 4л. 337 285 CH Ultra XTT 5w40 208л.

Agropiese TGR invites on Field Day 2015

Agropiese TGR invites on Field Day 2015

August 7, 2015 in the 10-00 Agropiese TGR invites farmers and specialists in agriculture participated in the seminar, which will focus on energy-saving, environmentally friendly and highly efficient technologies tillage. At the bottom of the field in 2015 the company's specialists Agropiese TGR describe the benefits of new technologies and will demonstrate tillage practice fieldwork five mounted units, working in tandem with Belarus tractors of various capacities. Power tractors Belarus 2022 will be paired with a disc harrow Antares 4x4, tractor Belarus 2022 - cultivator Lemken Karat 9500. Chisel Chisel-CG depth of 2.2 meters can be assessed in a pair with a tractor…

Agropiese TGR offers newest product - the hinged disc harrow Pallada

Agropiese TGR offers newest product - the hinged disc harrow Pallada

Agropiese TGR offers its customers a disk harrow hinged latest development PALLADA 2400 and PALLADA 3200 production of the Ukrainian company Chervona Zirka. Mounted Disc Harrow PALLADA 2400 and 3200 are designed for seedbed preparation for planting grain, fodder and industrial crops, crop residue chopping and extermination of weeds, as well as grinding, leveling and soil pressing after harrowing. Ukrainian manufacturer began production of harrows series PALLADA enlarged diameter discs - 660 mm instead of the previous 560 mm, which can significantly increase the…

Universal tractor MTZ 82.1 version Loader

Universal tractor MTZ 82.1 version Loader

MTZ 82.1 - the most popular tractors of the Minsk Tractor Plant. Until now, almost no farm, and no major repair service in Moldova can not do without MTZ 82.1. The main advantage of the tractor - versatility of use at low cost. Company Agropiese TGR - the official representative of the Minsk Tractor Plant in Moldova, offers MTZ 82.1 in version "Loader". This machine is equipped with a lift model T229 with a capacity of up to 1300 kg, manufactured by Polish company Metal Fach. Bucket capacity Metal Fach OLLK 2,4 - 0,76 m3. The lift can be aggregated on the basis of MTZ 82.1, and is able to perform various tasks in agriculture, construction, repair and cleaning work and proposed by Agropiese…



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