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Frontal Loader PBM-800

Frontal Loader PBM-800

PBM-800 - is the first product of Salskselmash plant, which is fully designed by designers using computer technology. When designing accounted for more than 30 years of experience in the enterprise edition mounted forklifts and wishes of consumers.

Changes affected not only the design, but also manufacturing technology. Loader PBM-800 is equipment  manufactured on modern Japanese laser-cutting systems Amada, which guarantees consumers the highest quality products and 100% collection. Through the application of structural steels of metal PBM-800 is reduced in comparison with the equivalent of 7%.

The modular design of PBM-800 suggests the possibility of linkage loader on virtually any model of tractor cl.1, 4 tones. The standard provides aggregated with tractors Belarus eighth and ninth series (80/82, 892, 920, etc.). When ordering a loader to other tractor models will only change portal part of the mount to the tractor. Modifying designs frame parallelogram mechanism to control the working body, piping hydraulics improved operator visibility and easier access for maintenance of basic tractor and loader.

Application of hydraulic cylinders imported has eliminated the age-old problem - an oil leak.

PBM-800 - is a quick-loader of fast-working bodies. Removing loader tractor takes less than 3 minutes, replacement of the body takes 1-2 minutes.

Loader PBM-800 is manufactured and provided with a different set of shift workers and equipment in accordance with the order of the consumer.

Additional equipment for Frontal Loader PBM-800

PBM-800-1 bucket 0,5 m3.

PBM-800-2 bucket 0,8 m3.

PBM-800-4 grebla.

PBM-800-5 grab for timber.

PBM-800-8 loading grab.

PBM-800-11 grab for rolls.

PBM-800-12 hayfork.

PBM-800-13 grab for pallets.

PBM-800-14 bucket.

PBM-800-17 grab for bulldozer.

PBM-800-18 grab for rolls.

PKU-0,8-20 Aligator.

PBM-800 with dimentions.


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Passport PBM-800

Manual for PBM-800

Video: Frontal Loader PBM-800

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