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Mower MKS PLUS-225 (INO Slovenia)

Mower MKS PLUS-225 (INO Slovenia)

Description: Mower MKS PLUS-225 (INO Slovenia)

Mower MKS PLUS-225 (INO Slovenia) with gear on the outside of the cabinet are provided for grinding (crushing) of grass, low bushes, branches and residues, especially on smooth surfaces or slopes with a negative bias. Due to the localization of the gear unit on the outside of the casing to provide a large offset from the longitudinal axis of the mower tractor and a smaller angle of inflection cardan. Mower mounted to the tractor from behind. Thanks to the rotating frame - and at an angle to the side (vertical rotation of up to +90° and down - 65°), the machine is indispensable for chopping overgrown roadside, on the slopes of dams, ditches and any other green surfaces. Mower can be moved to the side of the tractor using paralellogramnuyu frame with hydraulic drive. Strength of the product ensures reliability and durability even in harsh conditions. To perform such work as instruments recommended hammers. Double casing removably inner casing. A distinctive feature of the mower is a defense mechanism - a mechanical damper to prevent damage to the machine in a collision with an obstacle. Widely used for working on large areas, combined with frontal hinged topper, type «UNI INO 300" or «EURO 280" - with this combination in a single pass can handle wide area of more than 5 m crusher «MKS PLUS» double helical rotor is equipped with a distribution working tools with a spiral angle of 45°, such a rotor structure reduces fuel consumption of the grinding energy, allows aggregated with tractors low power reduces the load on the bearing assemblies and has a smooth turn.

Basic equipment mulchers «MKS PLUS»:

  • protective gear - mechanical damper - a collision with an obstacle defense mechanism goes into the float position;
  • double-helical rotor with the distribution of tools on a spiral with an angle of 45°;
  • reducer 540 rev/min Idle sleeve on the outside of the housing;
  • three-point hitch Category II and III;
  • hydraulic horizontal displacement;
  • hydraulic vertical rotation angle +90°/-65°;
  • double jacket;
  • elementary replacement inner casing;
  • automatic hydraulic lock rotation and displacements;
  • double rocker lifting mechanism;
  • controlled float;
  • additional protective casing;
  • metal curtain;
  • tight coupling;
  • strengthening of the housing;
  • height-adjustable rear prikatnoy rink;
  • tools: hammers.

Technical characteristics of Mower MKS PLUS-225 (INO Slovenia)

General features

Width of capture

2,27 m

Number of lames


Type of mashine


Rated PTO speed, rev/min:


Dimensions and weight


2780 mm


775 kg

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